Talks & Teaching


I have designed and taught courses at the BA, Master, and Postgraduate levels, as well as supervised and examinated students (oral/written) at different academic institutions. 

At Malmö University I am teaching, supervising and examining European Studies, International Relations, and Political Science. In 2022, I was teaching European political culture, and at the moment I am designing a new course on the impact of non-state actors in our societies. 

My teaching competences are primarily within contemporary history in a transnational context. I cover the Transatlantic area, but I also make an effort to include a global scope. I focus on non-state networks role in informal governance, diplomacy and politics. Earlier causes dealt with actors such as elite networks, social movements, NGO's, the labor movement and Christian churches. Subjects included anti-Communism and americanization, the Marshall Plan, the Cold War, but also the American civil rights movement.  

Moreover, at the University of Copenhagen I taught courses on global history with a wide thematic, geographic and chronologic contend. And I developed and taught postgraduate causes, which focused on including useful software in research and writing. 

Earlier on I combined teaching a more traditional historical curriculum with academic writing, including:

I completed Higher Education Teaching and Learning Training (adjunktpædagogikum) at the University of Copenhagen in 2015 and I also have experience with developing teaching materials. At the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen, I:

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